A Little Bit Of What You Fancy

My Nan always says ‘A little bit of what you fancy does you good’. Mind you, she also says that you should put salt on slugs and sit back and watch them fizzle, but let’s not get into that. Her mantra extolling the benefits of self-indulgence from time to time is one upon which I have been musing ever more frequently. I know I do tend to bang on about the importance of working hard and making an effort but, well, a girl is only human, after all.

I can tell you right now what I don’t fancy. I don’t fancy sitting for endless hours at my laptop, surrounded by notes and paperwork and emails, wrestling with prose that becomes drier by the minute and politely arguing for weeks on end about what three words will grace the cover of my collected works, while outside the sun shines and Pimms is poured within punts that glide down the River Cam. No. I don’t much fancy that at all.

So bugger it, I’m not going to do it.

Books and work can wait a while as I seek out Pimms and punts and adventure. I shall visit my friends, who have surely forgotten what I look like by now, and descend upon family and eat all their food while wearing my best clothes and fanciest shoes. I shall hold my special ones in my arms and tell them I love them. I shall play cricket – quite a lot of cricket, actually. By Sunday I will have managed three matches in a week.


Because life is too short.

And a little bit of what you fancy does you good.


Please note – if you are my publisher or an esteemed colleague from Middlesex University – Haha only joking! I’m working really hard on everything, honest.

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48 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of What You Fancy

  1. Excellent stuff Lucy. Very wise with the disclaimer at the bottom too. Never wise to inform a publisher the sun and pims scores higher than dingy room and manuscript pondering. Clearly they were not real cricket pics either, merely doctored on photoshop with your inclusion for the purposes of this post.

    Which reminds me. I am doing a very good impression of the invisible man upon your witty pages of late. Obviously your sound bite snagged an appearance. Little bits and all that….

    Hope old well x

    1. Why does no one believe the cricket pictures are real?! I tell you – the groin strain the other week was very real, as is the big bruise on my right shin that is testament to the heroic prevention of the batsman scoring a 4.
      It is always good to hear from you, dear chap. I hope you are also enjoying the sun and life in general.

    2. Shh dear lady, they might see….I was merely adding to the disclaimer and assisting with the subterfuge in case your publisher read on and thought there might a tad too much fun and not enough writing amidst this heatwave.

      Yes, I read about said injuries, as I recall there were numerous offers of “therapeutic” massages on the announcement of the groin strain… a point I avidly stuck to think not say!

      Rather impressed with these cricketing shenanigans too. Kudos indeed for such a sporty lifestyle.

      Can’t say I’m over enamoured with sun and no rain interludes. Ones runner beans aren’t too chuffed.

      Must keep in touch more. This tempus fugit nonsense is proper vexing the carpe diem thingamy!

    3. I too am missing the rain a little, the air needs a good freshen up. Your poor beans, I do feel for them!
      Cricket is mostly a gentle sport, with not too much rushing about and a strong focus on tea, so perfect for me. Those balls are dreadfully hard, though, so there is an ever present element of peril. And I just love the outfits.
      We must indeed keep in touch more, I do love our ‘chats’. You are excellent virtual company, dear chap.

    4. Freshening is the very word. It spittled a little last ever and really mucked up the humidity. That said it did invoke that petrichor thing. I do recall cricket back in the day and figured bowling, batting and keeping wicket was the action zone. All the rest was standing about on the off chance someone hit it in ones general direction. Cucumber sandwiches at tea went down well though.

      Have to say you look rather dapper in the gear though.

      Also quirky having virtual company when you’re just up the road! Very strange times indeed.

      Are you playing tomorrow by any chance?

    5. You have captured cricket perfectly! I am playing in Essex tomorrow. Apparently the tea is first class so I’m really looking forward to it.

    6. An artefact of school. Football team was de facto cricket team. Back then I found it a shade dull. Later the sport found more appeal and part of lazy Sunday rituals. Mostly good banter and tea. But Essex, for some reason I thought it was local to Cambridge. This sounds way more professional with a league abd everything. I am now even more impressed!

    7. I assure you, there is nothing professional about it! The team like to get out and about. Also there is a smashing pub nearby. This probably has a lot to do with it.

    8. Au contraire…the tea drinking is definitely professional methinks. Clearly a huge motivator to pursue this gentle persons sport. As you say good to get out and about, although smashing pub does suggest victory or defeat matters not providing fine food and good ale polishes the day off…. now why is this reminding me of that Carry On outing… 🤔

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