Squiffy Mumsie & PorterGirl 4

Mumsie all afternoon before the live broadcast:

Oh no! I don’t want anyone to see me, I’m going upstairs when you do this.

Mumsie after two glasses of bubbly:

I want to say hello to everyone! Let me speak to all the people!



25 thoughts on “Squiffy Mumsie & PorterGirl 4

  1. Sounds like another fascinating novel, Lucy — happy writing and editing! Lovely to see your dear Mum again, too — she looked like she was enjoying her appearance!

    1. Bless her, isn’t she sweet? I’m off to see her tomorrow and I can’t wait. I think she loves her cult status, you know.

  2. Lovely to see Mumsie again! 😀 Ah, I didn’t listen to the teaser one on the night because I was just about to read Sinister Dexter, so I’m glad you posted that. Sounds brill! Though I’m deeply concerned about the idea of The Dean in France – we’ve been getting on so much better with France for the last century or so. I fear that could soon be at an end…

    1. Isn’t she the sweetest thing?! I’m off to visit her today, I can’t wait 😊
      I fear diplomatic relations are about to go downhill very quickly. Brexit could be closer than we think with The Dean let loose across the Channel…

    2. Say hello from me if I’m not too late! 😀

    3. I shall! We are taking nan out shopping today so she is very excited… 🤣

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