The Truth About Head Porter

The real Head Porter was nothing like our Old College hero…

19 thoughts on “The Truth About Head Porter

  1. I do love HP in Sinister Dexter. He’s human, lovable and with feelings you can relate to. You’ve done a good job with that character!

    1. Thank you so much. He is wonderful to write and one of the more ‘human’ characters of Old College.

  2. Perhaps you should have buried Head Porter under the floor of the Porters Lodge – the real one, that is, not Paul Butterworth! In fact, how can we be sure you didn’t? How do we know you’re not a Russian spy???

    1. Oh no, everyone – FF has clearly been hacked by The Dean!!
      I tell you, if I got the chance to bury the real one, I probably would have… (don’t tell DCI Thompson I said that!)

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