Lego PorterGirl!

Nothing makes one feel immortal quite like being represented in Lego. A mysterious PorterGirl enthusiast – known to me only by the handle of found_street_art on Instagram – has taken the considerable time and effort to render the entire Old College cast in the form of the famous little blocks, with the intention of pitching it to Lego itself. I feel that our beloved Porters and friends are not yet the global sensation usually associated with such things, but nonetheless I am hugely flattered, not to mention delighted to now be in possession of these cheerful fellows. This came to be in a moving exchange outside Kings Cross Station – my preferred location for meeting random persons from the internet.

And I was not to be disappointed.


Our Porters’ Lodge heroes are resplendent, I’m sure you will agree! Tea cups in hand, we have Deputy Head Porter, Head Porter (with his mobile phone, à la Sinister Dexter) and the extravagantly moustached Porter.


The Dean, of course, is so important that he needs two figures. Here we find him in all his academic glory and also in his much-loved Zorro costume.


Our favourite detectives are glorious in Lego form. DCI Thompson is scarily true to life and DS Kirby looks suitably ravishing and is no doubt on the verge of seducing Porter.


The Master (and The Master’s Cat, no less) looks very dapper and Bursar Professor Sinistrov is ready with his poison.


Even the periphery characters are not left out – Head of Housekeeping, Head of Maintenance, Professor K (departed) and Hawkins Head Porter all get the Lego treatment too!


And here I have recreated the dramatic scene from The Vanishing Lord, where DCI Thompson arrests The Dean. As you can see, all involved seem absolutely delighted about the matter.

I am informed that plans for a Lego Porters’ Lodge are well underway and I look forward with great anticipation to trying out new storylines in 3 magnificent dimensions from here on in.

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