Squiffy Mumsie & PorterGirl 4

Mumsie all afternoon before the live broadcast:

Oh no! I don’t want anyone to see me, I’m going upstairs when you do this.

Mumsie after two glasses of bubbly:

I want to say hello to everyone! Let me speak to all the people!



25 thoughts on “Squiffy Mumsie & PorterGirl 4

  1. I had to stop listen because of the spoilers warning. I am woefully behind in my Potter Girl reading. Currently reading a book I’m not enjoying so will make a potter girl my next read.

    1. I hope my book is marginally more entertaining, dear Eric!

  2. I’m in the same boat re spoilers so I stick my finger in my ears and nrrrrrrrh for most of the broadcast, but PGSD is close to the top of the rank… not that it’s rank, not in that sense… oh bum… now my fingers are stuck…

    1. At least your fingers are not stuck in your bum… sorry… couldn’t resist! 😉

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