Meeting The Detectives

PorterGirl – The Vanishing Lord

Meeting The Detectives

There’s nothing worse than having the police turn up, just as you are trying to work out how to cover up a crime that may or may not have happened…

With special thanks to the endlessly charming TT & VK

56 thoughts on “Meeting The Detectives

  1. Still waiting for that unseasonable hot spell…

  2. C’mon, global warming!!!

    1. The weather is getting better all the time… all I need is too much wine and all sorts of things might occur…

    2. I have two words… or three words… or a word and a hyphenated word… baby-doll nightie… just sayin’… boost those stats!

    3. Your request has been noted, my dear chap. And yes – what a brilliant and shameless way to increase views! I am not above a bit of tactical marketing 😉

    4. I might do it myself… I have the legs to pull that off.

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