Medieval Rumpy-Pumpy… The Video

The chapter from which this excerpt originates is titled ‘Humphrey To The Rescue’, sometimes known as Medieval Rumpy-Pumpy. This isn’t the whole chapter, as I know you are really only interested in the filthy bits. You naughty, naughty readers, you.

PorterGirl – The Vanishing Lord

Humphrey To The Rescue

Wearing a disguise hastily thrown together from the contents of the College lost property box, Deputy Head Porter and sidekick Hugh from the Unlikely Law Association are searching the rival Hawkins College for a suspicious character. Unfortunately, during their endeavours they are mistaken for visiting lecturers and Deputy Head Porter finds herself in the unenviable position of having to give a lecture in medieval French…

53 thoughts on “Medieval Rumpy-Pumpy… The Video

  1. Coolest thing ever!!! I need to figure out how to get video on my blog… more me that way.

    1. I think it depends what theme you are running, but I just upload the videos into media, then use the ‘insert media’ button to drop it in. You need to work this out as we need more you always!!

    2. I will work on that. I think it used to require putting the videos into YouTube first…???

    3. I have never had to put them in YouTube first, but I think it might depend on the theme of the blog. Good luck with it – I would love to see videos on your blog!

    4. I am a computer moron… but have you ever looked at my original song videos… they are in a button on the top bar… called something like: my original song videos…

  2. Well written. Well read. What a lot of fun!

    1. Thank you very much indeed my dear chap!

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