Another Bedtime Story

PorterGirl – The Vanishing Lord

Dean Man’s Shoes

Following an ill-advised evening of drinking with The Dean, Deputy Head Porter is in search of an enormous breakfast to help ease her hangover…


67 thoughts on “Another Bedtime Story

  1. You are such a FUN blogger and writer. Loved the promo introduction – and while I am not a tea drinker, bacon soothes all wounds, headaches and mornings after. Keep up the cheekiness – I’m looking forward to this next book!

    1. Why thank you, Noelle! Bacon is indeed the universal cure for everything. There shall be cheekiness abound, fear not, and more information about the next book coming soon (between you and me, it will be out late June, but I won’t be saying too much more until I have the actual date)

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