Another Bedtime Story

PorterGirl – The Vanishing Lord

Dean Man’s Shoes

Following an ill-advised evening of drinking with The Dean, Deputy Head Porter is in search of an enormous breakfast to help ease her hangover…


67 thoughts on “Another Bedtime Story

  1. You are amazing. I liked and enjoyed the video. Good to see the face of the writer. Make the words have life and purpose.

    1. Oh gosh that is very kind of you, thank you! It is quite fun to read out my work, I really appreciate that you have enjoyed it.

    2. I did. Years ago I did verbal poetry. I read in California, Texas, London and Germany. I believe verbal and video will be the writer and poet new tool.

    3. That is good to know as I am experimenting with the video medium at the moment. The internet gives us so much power to share performances these days, we are so lucky. I would have loved to have heard you perform your poetry!

    4. I will again. Next vacation in May. I will attempt verbal and video. I have lake St. Clair, 5 miles away from me. I want to read at the lake when the warm days finally come.

    5. That sounds absolutely beautiful, how marvellous.

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