Christmas Special – Christmas Eve At Old College

Here is a classic PorterGirl post, read for you by my good self.


Merry Christmas!

52 thoughts on “Christmas Special – Christmas Eve At Old College

  1. Happy Belated Holidays to you!

    1. And to you, my friend! All the very best for 2016!

  2. This was *beautifully* done, Lucy. If you do an audio version of PorterGirl, I hope this might give you the courage to consider reading it yourself (perhaps with Paul giving voice to the male lines – not that you didn’t do a perfectly wonderful rendering of the old man’s voice). 🙂

    Meanwhile, I’ve pinned it to my ‘Vacations of the Mind’ Board.

    PS. Wish I could have seen even more of that lovely tree. I have little silver frames on one of mine — my memorial tree, holding photos to bring back warm memories of those who aren’t otherwise around to Christmas with me anymore (fur-friends included).

    1. Thank you! An audio version of PG is something I would love to do but thus far time has been a constraint. Paul and I had the exact plan of him providing a voice or two. The problem is that I would want it to be a full on production, with incidental music and atmospherics – I won’t do a thing unless I can do it to the highest possible standard. But you know what – I shall make a start just as soon as I can. That way, it will certainly get done 🙂
      What a beautiful idea for a Christmas tree! That is so special. The little silver frames on mine are tiny mirrors to reflect the lights. I love the idea of adding loved ones to it. My previous cat Dave was fond of Christmas trees, he would be delighted to be a decoration 🙂 xx

    2. Where there’s a will . . . If you are planning an audio/visual version, would it be easier to manage with stills and background audio? Of course, even audio alone, done to your standards, would take some serious studio time (and equipment) – which also mean serious bucks. In any case, I’m quite delighted to hear that you have considered it. However you end up doing it, I’m sure it will be wonderful.

      I’ve always been crazy about decking the halls, and I have had a lifetime to collect or fashion ornaments for trees with various themes in mind. If I had a crew of elves, I’d have a tree anyplace I could fit one in. I find them enchanting, but they are time consuming to put up and take down – so these days I rotate, according to my mood, mixing and mingling.

      My Memorial tree started out life as my Angel tree (inspired by that amazing tree and antique creche displayed at the Met every year) – framed photos tucked among angels and cherubs of various types and sizes collected throughout my life. When I lost several storage boxes of my larger angels (long, sad story!), I decided to downsize one of the trees, and voila! The memorial tree was born.

      Mirrors are a great idea for some of the frames I have stored away for the future. [I buy them whenever I hit a terrific sale, btw – it’s not as morbid an idea as it sounds 🙂 ]

    3. Aha well the day job is running a recording studio and independent record label so I have the perfect facility! Unfortunately (or fortunately, really) it is in use most of the time. I do however have a small rig that I could use from home to get the donkey work done. It really is a question of time – and sometimes I need to separate myself from the whole thing. I love writing PG and am so grateful that I am given wonderful opportunities with it but it can become quite consuming!
      I always raid the January sales for my Christmas decorations- there are some amazing bargains! Xx

    4. Thrift stores are great places to find Christmas bargains too. Late fall seems to be the best times here – they want to get rid of whatever didn’t sell last year – sometimes at prices so low they practically pay YOU to take them off their hands.

      Yeah, that time thing. BOY do I get that one. I would need three lifetimes to do half of what my mind can cook up.

    5. Haha I am glad it’s not just me! Damn our over active minds 😉 xx

    6. I barely understand the concept of boredom – I can almost always think of a way to amuse myself in some creative fashion. Too much I want to do, too little time. xx, mgh

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