The VERY BEST Indie Authors You’ve Never Heard Of – Finale!

Over the last few days we have discovered some truly magnificent independent authors from all over the planet, covering a multitude of genres. We all know that books make marvellous gifts, so I hope you will consider supporting independent writers and publishers* when thinking of purchasing books. I would like to bring this eclectic little series to a close with three of my very favourite books by indie writers (and a photographer). I must confess to knowing these three very talented chaps personally, having met through professional and creative circumstances. I fell in love with their work – I hope you will too.

Sam Catchpole – Beauty In The Mundane

I am Sam and I have been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember. I have photographed many things from traditional (and non-traditional) weddings to taking photographs for military training, and on one brilliant and memorable occasion I was the official photographer at a glamourous book launch. My absolute favourite thing to do with photos, however, is to find beauty in things people would ordinarily overlook.

Not so long ago I put together an exhibition of photos designed to do just that.

Beauty in the mundane, was an exhibition that showed a world full of hidden pictures, a world full of repeating patterns and overlooked details. Pictures found amongst the railings outside a building, in the patterns of the bars on a window or the beautiful dereliction of forgotten industry.

Now that the exhibition itself is a distant memory there is a book of the photos available. It contains a mixture of black and white and colour photographs that celebrate beauty in unexpected places, they challenge you to see every day and unloved objects in a new light.

Link to the book


Gallery from the exhibition

Exhibition page with explanation and like to the book


Eric Daniel Clarke (EDC Writing) – Shorts

EDC Shorts artwork

Shorts – a take on poetry is a collection of short poems by Eric Daniel Clarke reflecting life, human relationships, chances taken and those missed. His words skim your mind, send out ripples, give rise to thoughts and smiles, of time lived and still to be – a take on poetry that feels unique, that can be re-read, afresh, as if another you, time and time again.

Eric Daniel Clarke (aka EDC Writing) is an Englishman, raised and schooled in Devon close to its Somerset and Dorset borders, and the World Heritage Jurassic Coast. He has spent his adult life near the River Thames, in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, working as a scientist at the boundaries of the physical and life sciences. Now in his later years he finds himself writing poetry and prose, using words in place of molecules to explore life’s boundaries; observed, imagined, of his mind and yours.

Link to the book –


Blog: EDC Writing – Believing Sight Unseen at

Twitter: EDC Writing – @EDC_Writing

David Bullock – PC Ben

PC Ben tells the story of a police constable called Ben and the many lives he gets to help every day while out on patrol. It is a perfect introduction to the work of the police for children aged 3 to 8. 
In this charming tale PC Ben gets the chance to show another side of modern policing and rather than the usual ‘cops and robbers’ portrayal, it provides a genuine and uplifting view of the work of the police in the community. 
From helping the homeless to reuniting a lost old man with his wife, before searching high and low for ‘Mrs Batt’s’ missing bike, PC Ben is a gentle story that showcases the varied and invaluable work of the police and introduces children to a kind and caring character who will do all he can to help those in need. 
Readers of PC Ben have called it ‘original’ and ‘beautifully illustrated‘, while others have said it is ‘engaging and touching’ and ‘a must to help children learn more about our police force’.

David Bullock has been a published author in nonfiction since 2012 and has been shortlisted for The Peoples Book Prize with his Amazon bestseller ‘The Man Who Would be Jack’. David is also an acclaimed public speaker and has previously appeared in the Channel 5 documentary ‘Inside Broadmoor’.
PC Ben is David’s first children’s picture book which he has both written and illustrated. It is the first in the PC Ben series, with the next book due out in March 2021.
David lives in Hampshire and has a wife and two sons and a very confused cat called Badger who thinks he is a dog!

*This includes me – you can find my books at the homepage 🙂

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