The Best Indie Authors You’ve Never Heard Of – Part Three

Our penultimate offering in the independent author & writer series introduces us to two writers who wield their pens in the form of memoir and fiction based closely on some intimately personal experiences. This style of writing is never for the faint-hearted and here our writers have very different – and very unique – stories to tell…

Kerry Tyson – The Kal Series

KAL: Odd, Rare, Beautiful – Urges Readers to Question Life

Based on the life of author Kerry Tyson, ‘Kal’ takes readers deep into the life of the title character – an unwanted young boy who quickly transitions from helpless child, to fantastical teen and finally to a young adult caught in the wrath of a radical closed community. Tyson’s intense and bold narrative will be extremely close to the heart of any reader, ultimately serving as a microcosmic showcase of the human condition.

When Kerry Tyson shares his life story with people, it literally sounds like the screenplay to a movie dreamed up in Hollywood. Unconventional, shocking and often unbelievable, tales of his early life in a close-knit, cult usually result in others saying, “you should write a book”. Well, now he has.

‘Kal’ is fact inspired by fiction; a showcase of the human condition so powerful and pertinent to humanity that it must be told to the world.

Spanning 15 years, the unusual life of unwanted 10-year-old Kal Saldana as he transitions through teenage idealism, youthful fantasies and adult realism…

Kal depends upon the unconditional love of his dog as he navigates through childhood and adolescent turmoil. But Kal has an escape: an access to beauty and spirituality most only dream of. When Kal faces a decision between a supposedly greater good and love, he must choose whether to follow his head or his heart.

But what will that future reveal?

Suspenseful, honest and insightful, ‘KAL’ captures the power of friendship; it will transport you back to your childhood fantasies and make you question what holds greatest importance in your own life.

So odd, so rare – this story had to be told…

The book has been a hit among readers. Annie-Beth comments, “Once I started this book, I found it hard to put down. I found Kal to be an interesting character with a deep personality who I found easy to like. The intensity of his relationships with others, both human and animals was described with great insight. The descriptive writing of his surroundings and travels enriched the story for me. I thought it was a great read from a new author and hope there will be more to come.”

Carol Owen adds, “Intriguing and poignant. An unusual story told with feeling and warmth.”

Due to the success of volume one, volume two was published a year later;

Kal II: Ace of Hearts

Addictive and emotional, Ace of Hearts is the compelling second novel focusing on how Kal grows through his painful past, exploring the many forms of love, danger and fear which confront him in his quest to mature, find happiness and freedom.

“He was free now, free to be himself. He was also a captive, shackled by memories, chained by love.”

For Kal Saldana, loss was his shadow throughout his early life, and after huge devastation he must learn to navigate an unfamiliar world alone.

In Tyson’s bold and penetrating narrative, it’s still yesterday. His honest and vulnerable account of his painful integration into society after many years of isolation tests the mind, teases emotions and tears down defences as you become encompassed in this dark and tragic romance.

Be prepared for a journey, at times deep and searching, occasionally light and frivolous. This book will flirt with your emotions and expose hidden thoughts as it steals regular glances into your subconscious fears and hopes. It will draw from you both tears of sadness and tears of joy.

Discover an honest intimacy which will dance with your heart and take you to a hell you never knew existed, before placing you at the gates of a heaven you always dreamed of.

Everyone can relate to the vulnerability of this heart-rending legend, understand the escapism and sympathise with innocent victims. You will ask yourself; how did these people ever survive.

The following year, contacted by several survivors from the same cult Tyson published his third book;

KAL III: Abuse of the Innocent

Abuse of the Innocent, details horrific first-hand accounts of abuse. Told in the graphic style of a gripping novel it concludes the KAL trilogy: A three-part cautionary tale of suffering and recovery from modern megalomania. A true story with fable and facts entwined.

Emily Jackson; twenty-seven, tenacious and attractively rude attends a psychedelic party to honour Kal’s retirement. She stumbles onto appalling and disturbing accounts of abuse, retold by recovering victims. Walking back into their past, Emily enters the circle of their distorted minds, inhaling the fear that chased them and feeling the guilt which embraced them for many years.

Incensed at the discovery Emily investigates to expose stories of violation and physical harm; emotional torture and spiritual destruction. She discoveries acts of commission and omission, often wielded by the hands of men the victims trusted. She unwraps the exploitation which resulted in actual harm to the health and survival of hundreds of youths. Peeling back the years reveals the unsightly, shattered development and broken dignity of both children and adults. Often instigated by those in positions of responsibility, trust or power.

The intrepid TV journalist, whilst tackling this emotional upheaval is forced to face her own sexuality and personal nemesis and delve into mysteries surrounding Kal himself.

It’s the final part of the world surrounding Kal Saldana. Horrified by the actions of men he once stood alongside, Kal introduces the unshakable investigator, to unveil the Abuse of the Innocent.

“You don’t have to believe this account after all, you weren’t there. But I was and trust me, I don’t lie.” Emily Jackson

And now; his first three Novella’s following the bizarre story of a convicted sociopath…

Emma Okamoto’s Cupcake Chronicles: stories of a downward spiral lifted from the journal of a convicted psychopath with malignant narcissism and obsessive sexual desires.

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Kerry David Tyson

Kerry grew up in the small village of Flore in Northamptonshire where he was born.

At age 16 he became a member of a radical and expanding community, sharing personal wealth and possessions, attempting to create an alternative society. He worked for twelve years to rehabilitate drug addicts, bikers, prostitutes and psychotic unstable people. Over a decade of upheavals and a jamboree of experience gave him a deeper than average insight into the mindset of societies darkest individuals. The commune became a cult, and he left.

Re-born into the normal world, Kerry met some faithful friends, who restored his faith in humanity. He was married seven years later to Sue, in an overflowing church in Birmingham and has been happily married ever since. Blessed with a son, and a daughter, all share a deep love for Border Collies which they, as a family, have never been without.

His career, primarily in art and design, moved into graphic sales and account management. Following an injury sustained in a traumatic attack he served several years with the British Transport Police & City of London Police before selecting a quieter life within the private security industry. Writing has become his prelude to retirement.

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3D Kilt book & ereaderRonald Mackay

Ronald Mackay – The Kilt Behind The Curtain

Sent far behind the Iron Curtain to Bucharest in 1967, Mackay serves as the sharp end of a fledgling British-Romanian trade initiative. How will he fare in communist-run Romania where suspicion, spying, and Ceauşescu’s Secret Police abound? With irony-tinged humour, Ronald tells of seductive informants, a political-prisoner-turned-spy, fearful minorities, a hunting trip with the Communist elite, travels in Dracula’s Transylvania, and a challenge to Charles de Gaulle’s attempt to be the first Western premier to court this bright but baffling tyrant-run country      

About The Author

Ronald Mackay lives happily with his wife Viviana on the shore of Rice Lake, Ontario, Canada. Spanish is their home language. During many years of the Cold War, Ronald was engaged throughout Central and Eastern Europe. He has farmed in Scotland, Chile, Argentina, and Canada, fished commercially for cod on the North Sea, and has taught programme evaluation at universities on several continents. For decades he managed international development projects to reduce global hunger. In addition to writing drama for the stage, Ronald is the author of two memoirs in English and a one in Spanish.

The Kilt Behind the Curtain

A Tenerife con Cariño

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