1. Re: Last post: couldn’t comment under it but just wanted to say Bravo – Tony Blair is a grotesque lying weasel whose head would’ve been on a pole outside parliament in less apathetic times.

    This reading was so lovely with the music and I wish I’d found it on Christmas Eve.
    None of my beeswax of course, but such a gifted writer contemplating stopping writing is as ridiculous as a cloud considering stopping raining. But I can also totally appreciate the many reasons why one might reach that conclusion. It’s a brutal and thankless landscape authors have to navigate out there now. I think the internet takes so much more than it gives when it comes to creativity. Anyway it made me sad to read that.

    1. My dear fellow, I will never stop writing. It is a passion and a compulsion. I shall never stop, but it will not be in a professional capacity. I have skills and experience that are, for now, better deployed elsewhere. I will continue to self publish as and when time allows. Your words mean so very much to me and encourage me that I should continue to write. Biggest of hugs and love to you x

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