Bedtime Story, Anyone?

A better click-bait title would have been ‘take me to bed with you’, but it wouldn’t be strictly true and you would be taking The Dean to bed too, which might require a stiff drink beforehand.

In any case, here is a quick video of me reading a chapter from the new PorterGirl novel, The Vanishing Lord.

I shall be at the London Book Fair this week, so online activity will be sporadic, although if you find yourself missing my little face, please feel free to keep up with me on Twitter and Facebook. Obviously this week will be a great opportunity for me to work hard in making important contacts and promoting my work. It is certainly not an excuse to go marauding  around Kensington in nifty waistcoats, drinking wine and singing rude songs. No.

110 thoughts on “Bedtime Story, Anyone?

  1. Welcome to the vicious circle. There is a band from my area a long time ago 0 boys who wrote a song called vicious circle so I may try to do that one for you

  2. Most awesome thing ever… I mean, the jammies are a little distracting for the male listener, but still. I am trying to get my daughter’s ex boyfriend to read some chapters of my action/humor sci fi books doing his imitation of Christopher Walken… oh yeah!

    1. The jammies are super cosy – chuffed you like them! That dude should narrate your book – surely it is the greatest honour ever to be asked to read your work!

    2. If I could do the impression, I would do it. I do a good Roger Moore, but that mainly just involves an eyebrow.

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