Up Close & Personal: Senior Bursar

The other half of the notorious Bursary department, Senior Bursar is something of an anomaly among The Fellowship at Old College. Although impeccably educated by way of Eton and The Other Place, Senior Bursar does not languish in academic titlery, being neither a Doctor nor Professor. Whereas Junior Bursar scaled scholarly heights from the humble beginnings of a local comprehensive, Senior Bursar mingled with the elite when he was still in short trousers.

That is not to say that his prestigious beginnings supplement his intellect – far from it. Armed with a double first in economics, the young Senior Bursar was itching to leave books behind and embark ferociously on making something of himself in the real world. Like any self-respecting young gentleman seeking his fortune, he headed to London with his sights firmly set on taking the Stock Market by storm. He spent most of the 80s in pinstripes and wine bars, steadily amassing a respectable fortune. Never one given to the vulgarity of excess, Senior Bursar eventually decided to make one final trade – that of the frenetic rollercoaster of city life for domestic bliss, in the shape of a charming ex-model-turned-philanthropist and two young sons swiftly after.

Now a family man, Senior Bursar sought employment that would offer both a vehicle for his great experience and intellectual prowess, and also allow him the freedom to be a husband and father. Inevitably, Old College found him and the rest is history.

A tall, powerful man, customarily swathed in tweeds of varying intensity, his cut-glass accent and booming voice quickly silenced any mutterings about his academic integrity. He has a particular penchant for biscuits and without doubt his pre-drinks reception drinks receptions are the absolute last word in refined debauchery. However, Senior Bursar seems to have less salubrious connections within the shadowy under-circles of Old College – which make him potentially a very dangerous man indeed.

54 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal: Senior Bursar

  1. Ah, yes, the keys – it’s all about the keys!

    1. The blasted keys! More trouble than they’re worth 😉

  2. What an English gentleman – where was that picture taken?

    1. Isn’t he just! The picture was taken at Meldreth churchyard last autumn, pretty isn’t it?

    2. It is pretty, very Cambridge-esque.

      How have you been? How’s the promotion going?

    3. I am very well thank you, although incredibly busy 🙂 It’s hard to say how it’s going, really – I will just be pleased when it’s all over and I can get back to some sort of normal life!

    4. You have a normal life?? Damn, how did you do that? lol

    5. Ha! Well, normal for me, anyway. Which is still pretty bizarre, granted. Still – it wouldn’t do to get bored, I only find myself in mischief when that happens 😉

    6. I can only imagine that you an mischief is a wild mix lol

    7. Teehee! It certainly is. I try to keep myself in line but, you know, some days it is harder than others…

    8. Ha! I can only imagine Lucy. 😉

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