A Very British Threesome*




*This was the original title I wanted to use for the PorterGirl trilogy, but my publisher point blank refused. So here we have Old College Diaries, which now appears to be available on Amazon, for some reason.

Apparently there will be some sort of official launch next month, probably while I am in the middle of Florida, knowing my luck. Did I mention my much-anticipated trip to the States? I plan on trying to civilise the place a little whilst I’m there, but it’s mostly a work trip to a writers’ conference.

But anyway. As you can probably tell by my unusually brusque tone, I am rather busy at the moment with one thing and another and a surprise book release is, quite frankly, the last thing I need. That said, it is an absolutely beautiful book and contains not only the three PorterGirl novels, but some rather charming and never-seen-before bonus material…

And, bizarrely, an in-character interview with Deputy Head Porter where she is asked about her views on Brexit, among other things.

You can get Old College Diaries here if you want it. Or wait for the official release, there will probably be giveaways of some description. Whatever. And while you’re at it, put the kettle on, there’s a good chap.