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  1. May I please just put a pin in the demands of the day and lose myself to reading what you’ve written? Brava!! Such a happy discovery and sure to provide hours of delightful diversion. Thank you! (This may sound a bit effusive but I’m full of coffee and no breakfast…but now inspired to cook my last two eggs!)

    1. Well, yes you may, my dear – welcome! No breakfast is a terrible thing – get those eggs cooked! Thank you for your very kind words, you have made my day… even more than sausages!

  2. thealvarezchronicles September 6, 2018 — 5:57 pm

    Your books look great! I must get around to ordering some of them soon. And thanks for stopping by my page! – Robert

    1. That is very kind of you, thank you! Your blog is super, I shall visit again 🙂

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