Ulysses! Sex, Soap & a Lucky Potato

(It’s Ulysses. But for normal people.)

Don’t let another Bloomsday pass you by without at least having a crack at James Joyce’s legendary tome! It may generally be considered to be one of the most difficult books in the English language – but it’s also beautiful, unique, hilarious and downright filthy. If tackling the original text brings you out in a cold sweat, then give this version a go. It isn’t quite as beautiful, hilarious or filthy, but it probably won’t give you a headache or having you hurling the thing across the room in frustration. Including my own thoughts on each chapter and some of my favourite lines and quotes, this is Ulysses for anyone and everyone who wants the experience of Ulysses without actually having to read Ulysses. Although if it inspires a couple of people to try it out for themselves, I’d be over the moon.

So come on then – grab your lemon soap and your lucky potato, leave your keys in your other trousers and let’s give Bloomsday our best shot!

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