Footsteps of the Templar – ‘A Peculiar Type of Morality’

About The Book

Head Porter’s hopes for a quiet life are dashed not only by the return to Old College of one of academia’s most controversial Fellows, but also the revelation that the Knights Templar may once have left behind something quite important in the College grounds. As Deputy Head Porter and The Dean mount a typically ill-considered investigation, knowledge of this esoteric legend has already fallen into dangerous hands…

Abandoning Head Porter to deal with a College wedding, a mysterious big hole, troublesome felines and a potentially murderous Bursar, Deputy Head Porter leads The Dean and the highly unpredictable Professor Horatio Fox in a race against time to solve puzzles, crack codes and follow a trail that takes them to the very heart of the legend of the Knights Templar – an ancient chateau in Chinon, France.

Coincidentally, this is exactly where DCI Thompson chooses to spend his summer holiday and if he is hoping for an escape from the rigours of fighting crime, he is to be sorely disappointed. In fact, he could be the only one standing between our heroes and the enigmatic, unseen pursuer who appears intent on stopping them in their tracks once and for all…

About The Author

Becoming the first female Deputy Head Porter at a prestigious Cambridge College was both the best and worst decision Lucy Brazier ever made. Leaving behind a successful career in the police, she was persuaded to opt for a change of pace and direction by joining one of the most ancient and famous academic institutions in the world.

She wasn’t ready for the bizarre and often pointless customs and functions of the academic elite, and they certainly were not prepared for having a woman among their ranks in what has traditionally been a male role. Difficulties in finding uniform and toilet facilities – among other things – were both frustrating and amusing to a woman who left school at sixteen with little to show for it.

Whilst making many friends and having some unusual adventures, Brazier was unable to win over the Head Porter. His subterfuge in trying to undermine and sabotage her role eventually got the better of her and she hung up her bowler hat for good after a year. But she had accumulated enough material to begin what would become a series of books – thePorterGirl series – and she hasn’t looked back since.

Beginning as an anonymous blog, her almost unbelievable accounts of College life, coupled with her wry wit, soon gained an eager following and her first novel – First Lady of the Keys – was published in 2016. These were followed by The Vanishing Lord, Sinister Dexter and a deluxe collection of the first three novels, plus behind-the-scenes and bonus material, Old College Diaries.
The fourth novel in the PorterGirl series – Footsteps of the Templar – Brazier considers this to be her best yet. Until the next one.



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