1. Now I’ve never thought Deputy Head Porter would get together with Head Porter, though I did suspect for a long time that you and Paul might be an item. Until recently, I’ve always thought DHP would get it together with The Dean at some point, but now that DCI Thompson is a recurring character I’m conflicted. Of course, it’s always possible she’ll seduce Head of Catering to ensure an uninterrupted supply of tea and biscuits…

    1. Paul loves it that you thought we might be an item! Just the very best of friends πŸ™‚
      Ah, you see the affections of DHP could be won in so many marvellous ways! Tea, biscuits and – more importantly – sausage is very important to her πŸ˜‰

  2. Everyone still loves the old British romance. I bet even the characters aren’t really aware of it yet.
    This will be tremendous fun as we all pile in with our own theories.
    ‘All will be revealed in Book 7’…….nice move!

    1. Do not discount anyone! Anything is possible in the game of love. Especially in Old College.
      Haha – a shameless tactic of keeping people tied in to the series!

    2. Many things seem possible in Old College- the Physics Department must be finding all sorts anomalies to the usual Scientific Laws.
      I think it’s a good ploy Lucy, another thing folk love is “The ‘Something’ Over The Horizon” idea

    3. Glad to be of service…The WP community is ‘the true and only’ way. I wouldn’t be writing to a better standard if it had not been for finding WP.
      A cuppa tea, a large slice of cake and a smidge…what more could a writer ask for? (OK some might say ‘a plot’ but that’s just being picky; after tea, cake and a smidge, ‘a plot’ will appear!)πŸ˜„

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