Death & Sex In Downing Street – Part Two

Wing Commander Tom lays down the law, Boris and Nigel arrive at Number Ten to negotiate the peace treaty between Oxford and Cambridge and Tony Blair gets what’s coming to him.

WARNING – this episode contains a troubling sex scene that no one would ever want to envisage but is, unfortunately, essential to the plot. Sorry about that.

(Death & Sex In Downing Street – Part One is HERE)



26 thoughts on “Death & Sex In Downing Street – Part Two

  1. You know, I can’t help feeling in retrospect that poor old Tony was possibly the least offensive man in the house and that the bullet was wasted on him! It took me six months’ of intensive therapy to get these images out of my head first time around, and now it looks like I’ll have to start the whole process all over again… *opens new barrel of chocolate*

    1. I can only offer my humble apologies, dear FF- imagine how I felt, having to relive them on camera! In retrospect, you are probably right. Wing Commander Tom should have just shot everyone and been done with it. Less traumatic all round! 😉

  2. Lucy, I think you could read a dictionary and make it sound fascinating!!

    1. That would probably be more popular 😉

    2. I think it’s just that I’m in awe of how well you can tell this story … and your accent, of course!!

    3. It’s the accent. I’m pretty ordinary apart from that, I assure you!

    4. You? Ordinary? Oh, no, my friend — you’re far from ordinary. You rock … totally!!

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