Death & Sex In Downing Street – Part One

The Prime Minister and Boris, King of Oxford have agreed to discuss a peace treaty and thereby forego the impending war between their two empires. However, duplicitous Cabinet Secretary Sir Edd Evans-Morley has other ideas…

18 thoughts on “Death & Sex In Downing Street – Part One

  1. I’d quite like to see then fighting on the punts – it’d be a bit like It’s a Knockout! Boris would make a particularly fine punt-fighter, I feel…

    1. Oh, gosh – he would be brilliant, wouldn’t he?! It would be like a posh version of Gladiators, I reckon… ‘Contenders, ready!’ Every few years ‘punt wars’ emerge in Cambridge between the two largest punt operators, trying to gain supremacy over the river Cam. The local press get very excited and it really is beyond parody 🙂

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