Writing, Ranting & Love At First Sight

I was very honoured to be the first guest on my chum Dan Alatorre‘s new show, Writer Rants, to talk about PorterGirl books First Lady Of The Keys and The Vanishing Lord. Here are some edited highlights; whilst almost two hours of Daniel talking about how great I am might be good for my ego, no one really wants to listen to that. But what you might want to listen to, however, are insights into how I built up the Old College world and developed the characters, the truth about what really happened at Cambridge University and how I fell in love at first sight at the Royal Opera House…




119 thoughts on “Writing, Ranting & Love At First Sight

  1. This is still fun to watch. You did a great job editing it. You should repost it because it will help introduce potential readers to series.

    1. That’s not a bad idea, actually, This was a fun little interview. I have a series of video posts scheduled for the rest of this month so a reblog of this would fit quite nicely.

    2. Well not just that but you just did your Facebook live videos and people enjoyed you taking a question and answering it in one or two minutes segments. This would be the full meal as a compliment to those appetizers.

    3. Nice way of putting it! Thank you, Daniel.

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