Ian ‘Yorkie’ Wilson

One of the finest Porters in Cambridge without doubt, the local legend that is Ian Wilson sadly passed away last week. He was, and continues to be, the inspiration behind the character of Porter and his passing has come as a sad and shocking reminder of how short and precious life is.

It is his face I see and his voice I hear when I write for Porter and therefore a short, respectful silence will be observed until such time that it feels right to continue. I feel that he should live on within the walls of Old College, in testament to the unrelenting and honourable service he provided to both students and Fellows alike.

Ian was a constant source of support and inspiration to me during my time at the College and I do not mind admitting that he saved my backside on many occasions. His dedication to the welfare of the students was unsurpassed and he was a willing shoulder and ear at any time of the day or night, for anyone.

In the swirling pomposity of College life, such people are often overlooked. Here, he will never be forgotten.

Thank you Ian, for being there for me when the worst thing happened. Thank you for knowing when I needed a cup of tea – and even for the milky coffees that I hated but were just the ticket. Thank you for covering for me and for not letting on when I covered for you.

The Porters’ Lodge will never be the same.

And I will never forget what you did for me.

6 thoughts on “Memoriam

  1. So sorry to hear about this, Lucy! My condolences. He seems like he was a great chap. It’s great that he will live on through your stories, though!

  2. This is so sad! :’-( It’s good that he’s being immortalized in fiction.

    1. I hope he would have approved 🙂

    2. 🙂 We won’t forget him this way. 🙂

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