First Lady Of The Keys – Release Date 1st September 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the news you’ve all be waiting for! Well, some of you have been waiting for. Okay – it’s the news my mum has been waiting for… the release date of the new PorterGirl novel, ‘First Lady Of The Keys’. 


‘First Lady Of The Keys’ is a reworking of my debut novel, Secret Diary Of PorterGirl – so if you bought that one, you will probably feel a bit hard done by if you fork out for this one too. There are significant changes, however, and new characters (including a love interest for Deputy Head Porter) as this has been re-written to be the first in a series dedicated to the adventures of Old College. We even find out Deputy Head Porter’s actual name. Apparently characters have to have names. Pah.

When I get details of pre-order availability, you chaps shall be the first to know. There will also be advance digital copies available for anyone keen enough to want to get a review in ahead of the launch. If you happen to be one such a person, drop me a line at lucy@verticalrecordings and I will get in touch once the book is ready to send.

Launch Party Or No Launch Party?

I mean, obviously there will be a party. I rarely need an excuse for a party and this seems like a pretty legitimate reason. But an official launch party – with readings and interviews and whatnot – sounds like my idea of hell. I would have to be on my best behaviour the whole time and that is no fun at all. We shall see.

Who Shot Tony Blair? Update!

I have been overwhelmed by the response for joining the Cabinet – I thank you all. I shall be contacting Cabinet members shortly with details as to their characters and positions within the Government. I have even managed to bag myself a United States President – an actual American, too – not just someone doing a bad accent.

TT – I have something very special in mind for you, something befitting a gentleman of your talents and calibre.

This series is also due to launch in September, so it looks like I have a busy couple of months ahead. Still, it should keep me out of trouble.