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The Old College Diaries

I’m sure none of you care to recall the recent furore over the design of the forthcoming PorterGirl collected works, but it’s been taking up a sizable part of my time and effort so recall it you bloody well will.


The front cover design is decided. Here it is.

Portergirl Trilogy Draft 3B OCD.jpg

I shall now look forward to the inevitable wranglings over the back cover and blurb…

But in the meantime, I have been sent these to peruse. Ladies and gentlemen – PorterGirl swag, no less!

I’m not sure about the t-shirt. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to wear a t-shirt with my face on it. The mugs and notebook are quite nice, though – if you are one of my friends or family you will definitely be getting these for Christmas, just so you know. Actually, my enemies will probably get them too, come to think of it…