Happy Birthday, PorterGirl

Happy Birthday, PorterGirl

PorterGirl.com is 9 years old today!

‘I always dreamed of being a writer, ever since I was small…’

Well, of course. Was there ever a writer who didn’t say something along these lines? And no matter how much we try to avoid it, writers do love a bit of cliche. Secretly, obviously. Can’t admit to something like that.

While we are languishing in the mire of cliche, lets have another one – ‘I do it for the love of writing, not for the money’. This is also a true thing – very few writers live lavishly, most earn barely a scrap from their literary labours. More still remain unread and unappreciated by all but a few. But yet, there are still more writers than there are stars in the sky (a metaphor, not fact. Probably) and thank goodness for that, I say. Writing is something very personal, that some are brave enough to make public. Gods bless the courageous scribes!

PorterGirl and all its associated works have not brought me great fame or wealth, which is probably for the best. It has brought me occasional and delightful notoriety and caused me to be recognised in pub toilets on at least 5 separate occasions. Mostly, though, it has opened the doors to hitherto impossible adventures, incidents, experiences and horizons blown out of all proportion. My favourite thing, though, is that it has brought into my world the very best and worst of strangers, acquaintances and friends of all kinds. Writing has brought me my most precious people and taught me who to leave behind. Please don’t take it personally. Even if it is, actually, personal.

Anyway, 9 years of anything seems like a good enough excuse to raise a glass or several – as you know, all writers spend their time sitting around in their dressing gowns drinking champagne, lurching from one existential crisis to another. Well, that – and doing the ironing. Buy my books, if you like. Or slag me off on Twitter, whatever takes your fancy. Some of us have got another 9 years of content to contend with, so… yes that definitely requires some liberal lubrication. Cheers, all, your very good health!







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