Kevin Morris – The Writer’s Pen & Other Poems

My thanks to Lucy for kindly agreeing to host me on her excellent blog.
“The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems”is a collection of 44 poems encompassing the passing of the years, nature, man’s place in the world and politics. Ever since I can remember I’ve been in love with that fickle mistress, Mother Nature. She has long delighted me with her gentle rains, which bring out the scent of the good earth, and oft times the falling leaves remind me of my own mortality. In the below poem, “Wood in the Rain”, I express what arose within my heart as I walked in the woods, close to my home as the rain gently fell:
“My hair is barely wet
At all,
And yet
The rain did fall
As I stood
In yonder wood.
The yammer
Of a hammer
Reached my ear,
While the birds free
Sang to me
As I touched the flowers
That know not hours”.
We humans are so obsessed with worldly things. As Wordsworth puts it, “getting and spending we lay waste our powers”. On my walk, the birds and the flowers reminded me that nature knows not of such matters. The flowers bloom and die with no concept of time (or, indeed of anything else) and we have, I believe, much to learn from them.
A number of other poems in the collection touch on politics/current affairs. For instance in “Kipling May Regret” my enjoyment of curry and wine in an Indian restaurant leads me to ponder on how the late Rudyard Kipling would regard today’s multiracial society (which I welcome):
“Kipling may regret,
The sun continues to shine
And there is curry
And wine,
While in the street
Multiracial feet
Hurry along
Beating out a more or less harmonious song”.
Where to buy:
“The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems” will be published on 3 September, but is available for pre-order now. (Anyone pre-ordering will not be charged until the book is delivered on 3 September 2018).
To preorder “The Writer’s Pen” please visit
On 9 September I was interviewed by Ariadne Sawyer of Vancouver Co-op Radio’s The World Poetry Reading Series regarding “The Writer’s Pen”. During that interview I read several of the poems which appear in my collection. You can listen to my interview here,
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