Introducing Samantha Catchpole – Artist & Photographer

Hello, my name is Sam and I am a photographer and an artist. I am aware that sounds a little like the start of an AA meeting (as portrayed in films/onTV) but it is a strangely hard thing for me to say so I thought it would be a good start. I didn’t believe it for ages, but luckily Lucy did and gave me a huge dose of inspiration and now I can’t deny it because between the 6th August and 9th September this year, I have a real live actual photography exhibition in a real live actual gallery!!
That makes me an artist right? An artist and a photographer!
Photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Well almost, I mean it has been my passion for nearly 30 years but I can remember before that, I guess my passions before that mostly ran to the next A-Ha single, which care bears I had and reading…
244827694_1458987223_o (1)
Anyway photography has been my passion for a really long time… and I have, for a number of years wanted to have an exhibition. I have got as far as thinking about it but have always put myself off with negative thinking a sort of internal assumption that I couldn’t do it. I can’t blame anyone else, I never really spoke about it in any serious way.
Until one day last year when I mentioned it to Lucy from PorterGirl who leaped on the idea with contagious enthusiasm. Spurred on by this I immediately googled venues in my area and emailed the gallery in the local theatre (The Capitol) with links to my photos on
Flickr. I was going on the principle that the worst they could do was say no, they were unlikely to be rude!
Men at work
Much to my surprise, they emailed back within the day saying they liked my photos and would be happy for me to have an exhibition in their gallery, not long after that we had agreed dates and I had signed a contract!! I was in shock for quite a while, I didn’t really think they would say yes!!
So now I have a photography exhibition coming up, which still sounds extremely unreal, and daunting!! It is much more work than I anticipated but it is absolutely going to be worth it! It is called Beauty in the Mundane and is based on the concept of seeing ordinary things in an extraordinary way! The photos are of ordinary everyday objects like railings or benches or falling down buildings. I want to encourage people to believe that there is interest and beauty hidden inside everything, it is all a matter of how you look at it!
prints 1
It is safe to say I am pretty terrified of this but also extremely excited!! I have no idea how to organise a photography exhibition! So far I have been concentrating on getting things printed, and framed. I have 40 photos with the framers right now, so come the 6th
of August, I will definitely have a photography exhibition!
Whether I manage to advertise it and persuade people to come to it is a different matter


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