PorterGirl – Then & Now

I can hardly believe that what started as a little, anonymous blog designed to entertain friends and family with my curious tales of life as a Deputy Head Porter at a Cambridge college is now a trilogy of books and, dare I say it, something of a small cult. Whilst I have always harboured hopes of becoming an author, I could never have foreseen the utter joy at seeing those dreams realised. 

It’s not just about seeing my words in print. The fun and friends I have gathered up along the way far surpass the professional achievements, wonderful though they are. So many of you chaps reading this have had a hand in the rise of Old College, not least in giving me the faith and impetus to keep going, work harder, be better – even when I had convinced myself that I didn’t have what it takes to be a ‘proper’ writer. I cannot thank you enough. The books are for all of you. It’s you fellows that keep me writing.

Now we have a nice, neat trilogy the time has come for a change. Sinister Dexter will be the last novel written in the signature PorterGirl style of First Person Present Tense. I know many readers enjoy the intimacy and immediacy of being inside Deputy Head Porter’s head and this aspect of the storytelling will remain intact for the most part. But the temptation of writing from inside The Dean’s head, from the perspective of Head Porter and sharing the inner musings of Detective Chief Inspector Thompson is just too strong to ignore. It will also enable me to open up the PorterGirl world a little further and to indulge in the more involved and complex plots that I have in mind. I do hope you will forgive me. It will be worth it, I promise.

Without further ado, I shall implore you to buy my books – an irritating aspect of being an author that is vigorously encouraged by my publisher. If you haven’t yet read The Vanishing Lord, you might want to wait until this weekend, when the ebook version will be available for a few days for the princely sum of just 99 pence! I’ll keep you posted.





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