New Year. New Book

Welcome, friends – and enemies, what the heck – to the brand, spanking new year of Two Thousand and Eighteen! So far it is looking suspiciously like the last one, but a little bit wetter. No matter. It is that peculiar and mindlessly optimistic time of year when anything is possible and tantalising futures await, despite the fact that we have spent the last fortnight on the verge of alcoholism and none of our clothes fit any more. Except those fleecy penguin pyjamas with the stretchy waistband… (guess who’s been living in penguin pyjamas for a week…)

Anyway. You may be wondering why I am wearing only a bowler hat and College tie. There are two very good reasons for this. Number one – as I said, none of my clothes fit me at the moment. Number two – following an intensive period with no human contact and surviving exclusively on leftover sausage rolls and Ferrero Rocher, I have completed the latest in my Old College series, PorterGirl – Sinister Dexter. There is nothing that makes me feel quite like being in the nude than finishing a novel. Or more than three glasses of wine. But anyway.

I have been working on several things since PorterGirl – The Vanishing Lord came out in June 2017 so it was nice to get properly stuck in to the Old College world once more, the characters waiting patiently for me like old friends, as if I had never been away. Of course, we see the return of Head Porter – now leading a mysterious double life; The Dean, who is convinced that the Russian Secret Service are trying to take his job and our own, dear Deputy Head Porter, whose biggest concern is that the Lodge is down to the last three teabags and no one has seen hide nor hair of a biscuit in a week. The intrepid detectives return and we get to know a little bit more about the dashing Detective Chief Inspector Thompson, whilst The Fellowship welcome two new faces to their ranks – but just whose side are they on? There are dead bodies, a missing girl, interrupted breakfasts and sinister intentions from all sides. Welcome back to Old College!

First Lady Of The Keys – Amazon UK     Amazon US

The Vanishing Lord – Amazon UK     Amazon US


Further updates on the new book to follow, but in the meantime why not enjoy this rather marvellous portrait of my good self, by exceptionally talented artist Ted Giffin? Be sure to investigate his musical endeavours, too, the man is simply brilliant.

Toodle pip!


  1. Your books look like an interesting escape from reality, would definitely want to read them. Keep up with the amazing writing.

    1. Thank you so much Charlie, that is very kind of you! We all need a little escape from reality from time to time. My books are lighthearted and occasionally silly. Just what we all need once in a while! Have a super day 🙂

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