You Have To Be Odd To Be Number One

If Dr Seuss is right, and he usually is, then I am in very good company.  I, along with nineteen other writers, have taken new horror anthology The Box Under The Bed to number one in the Amazon new releases chart, which was a nice thing to discover on a Monday morning.


This is my first anthology (unless you count some very bad poetry from my school days) and also a fledgling attempt at short stories. My propensity for using ten words where one will do does not happily lend itself to the gentle art of short story writing and my anti-social tendencies mean I avoid collaborations like the plague. Horror is not even a genre in which I write either, so this has been a big hop, skip and jump out of my comfort zone. All in all, a worthwhile endeavour, I’d say.


Windows Of The Soul is a stand-alone PorterGirl story originally written as a Halloween special for this blog. I am especially proud of this tale as I manage to get both a bowler hat and tea mentioned in the opening paragraph. Fans of The Dean will be disappointed as he doesn’t appear here, but there is a healthy dose of gore and suspense that should satisfy the blood-lust of even the most ardent horror fanatic.


Mondays Are Who You Really Are is a much more personal piece than I intended to write and I deliberated before proceeding with its submission. Not so much a horror story, but more a grim psychological exegesis of the seduction and destruction wrought by narcissism, somewhat in the vein of A Picture Of Dorian Gray. With a healthy dose of pitch-black humour (but without the wit and eloquence of Oscar Wilde) this is, essentially, a story about my father. And that is all I want to say about that.


Being Number 1 calls for cake

The perfect warm-up for Halloween, or a delightful gift for the more macabre of loved ones, treat yourself to a copy of The Box Under The Bed and ensure that you will be sleeping with the lights on for weeks to come.








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