Do You Remember The First Time?

I consider myself a woman of the world and have been fortunate to have led an interesting (at times far too interesting, quite frankly) life thus far, thereby finding myself in all manner of unusual and unique predicaments. There is little that shocks or surprises me these days, but it seems that there is always the opportunity to try something new. During my galavanting last week, I experienced several things for the very first time…

Ate a macaroon


For years I have gazed through the windows of high end patisseries at the rows upon rows of these delicate, beautiful darlings. But that little voice in my head always told me – No, Lucy, these are not for you. You are more of a cream horn kind of girl. But finally, the fates aligned and I found myself in the possession of a clutch of macaroons, arriving directly from France, I might add. The brown-ish ones taste of almond and the green ones taste of green. They are really nice.

Travelled by Uber

Despite spending a lot of time nipping around our glorious captial city, I have never thought to summon the services of this often controversial company. I am rather fond of the Tube. But after dinner with some very generous hosts on the Friday night, Uber seemed far more sensible than trying to wobble along on the Underground. Unless Uber kiss and make up with the Mayor of London, this could be my one and only experience.

Been serenaded by a musical saw


I had never even heard of a musical saw, much less been serenaded by one. It is a curious instrument, in that it is actually a saw with teeth and everything, but is constructed in such a way that it can be played with a bow. The sound it produces has a haunting, practical beauty about it, but is probably best limited to musical endeavours such as the Doctor Who and Star Trek theme tunes. This particular performance was enjoyed by my good self and a very bemused American journalist from the New York Times.

Made a pilgrimage

I had cause to frequent the charming borough of Hammersmith in West London and felt compelled to pay a special visit to the memorial bench of one of my great heroes, the incomparable Rik Mayall. I have no religious leanings and am certainly not the sentimental type, but I grew up with the works of this outstanding gentleman and cried for days when he died in 2014. I had always hoped that Rik would play me in a film about my life, but seeing as how he is a man and now dead, I feel this now seems unlikely.

Went Geocaching

A marvellous outdoor pastime, this. It is like a modern treasure hunt, where one uses GPS to find things hidden by people with a fertile imagination and a lot of time on their hands. After about half an hour of romping around the Derbyshire countryside I became a world class geocacher, much to the consternation my companions, who didn’t get a look in at finding anything for the rest of the afternoon. The good thing about geocaching is that it fits nicely around rural pub crawls and is enjoyable regardless of the degree of sobriety.

And one near miss… almost went to Nando’s


We almost went to Nando’s, but at the last minute decided to get pizza instead. I am told Nando’s is like a posh KFC, whatever that might mean. However, its deep-fried delights remain mysterious and esoteric to me still. I realise that this picture bears little relation to the subject matter, but it’s a nice picture and ducks are almost chickens, after all.


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