Any Requests? Lucy Brazier Live

Friday 23rd June 2017 7pm – 9pm live from Cambridge, UK

Wine makes everything more entertaining

Believe me, I’m just as sick of talking about my new book as you are of hearing about it. Buy it, don’t buy it, tell your friends to buy it – we all know the drill. However, publishers have certain expectations and never let it be said that I am one to disappoint. This Friday (emboldened by wine, no doubt) I will be appearing live on Facebook and Twitter for the viewing pleasure of you, dearest readers. You can ask questions about writing, books, what I had for breakfast (I like food-related questions) or just pop by to say hello.


Questions about breakfast most welcome

Perhaps you would like to see one of my much-vaunted impressions? Disclaimer – I can only do two, a dalek and a cat.  Perhaps, Like FictionFan, you would like to know about hats. Anything. Everything. Whatever.


The first time I wore a hat

There will be videos. There will be mischief. By god, there will be shenanigans. Join me…

Twitter – use #QPorterGirl or @portergirl100

Facebook – like the page and leave a comment

… or just leave a note right here in the comments section and I will include it in proceedings.

00 lucy 4

There definitely won’t be any of this

Not for the faint-hearted or those of a nervous disposition

I almost forgot… buy my book, blah blah…

UK Edition

US Edition


    1. It was the first time I wore a proper hat. I imagine there were some little woolen things when I was properly tiny. This was my grandad’s hat and he still has it!

    2. It is a very fine hat 😀 completly worthy of being the first proper hat you wore 😀

      I am not sure woolen baby hats count if you didn’t choose to wear them…

    3. The baby hats definitely don’t count. Especially as they would have been chosen by Mumsie and are no doubt hideous 😀 As you can see from the picture, I was very pleased about this hat and was an adopter of the jaunty angle even from a young age. I like this look. This is now my signature look.

    4. I like the look too 😀
      I adopt the jaunty angle too…mainly by accident..
      Now I need to dig out my flat cap…I haven’t worn it in a while!
      Today’s hat of choice is the bowler 🙂

    5. You are an excellent wearer of hats, which is just one of the reasons why we are such fabulous friends. I nod in rapturous approval at the bowler. A hat suitable for any occasion!

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