A Disappointing Climax *No Spoilers*

Long-term readers of the blog will recognise this as the title to the final installment of the second PorterGirl adventure, The Vanishing Lord – and, therefore, the conclusion to the brand spanking new book of the same name. So you might be a little bit peeved not to now be joining Deputy Head Porter and friends (and foes, come to that) in the Armingford Room, where the formidable Detective Chief Inspector Thompson reveals his evidence against The Dean, who in turn reveals his evidence against Head Porter… and so on.

Whilst my personal approach to professional writing can be described as laissez faire at best and at its worst reckless, even I draw the line at publishing the final twist to the tale before the book actually comes out. In all fairness, whilst the main focus of the blog story is the theft of the Lord Layton portrait, the book is now a ‘murder mystery’ (easier to market, apparently) so the original final post would only give away one aspect of the ending. Even so, in order to keep my literary overlords at bay I am afraid I shall have to do the one thing I hate the most and disappoint my audience. To make up for it a bit, here is a picture of my cat, Terry…


And here is a picture that has proved popular with some readers, for some reason…

00 lucy 4

Terry is named after Dennis Waterman’s character from Minder. So there is a good reason for this picture to be included


Hopefully this has assuaged the disappointment somewhat. To further earn your forgiveness, dear reader, I shall shortly be starting a haphazard and poorly thought through Agatha Christie parody, inspired by the recent re-imaginings of Hercule Poirot by author Sophie Hannah. Incensed at her ignoring the greatest sidekick of all time – Captain Hastings – in favour of quite possibly the most useless and pathetic excuse for a character I have ever seen, I saw fit to put matters right by both dispatching with the new chap and returning the dashing Captain to his former glory. It will be called Never A Cross Word and is dedicated to my blogging buddy and fellow Hastings afficionado FictionFan. The fact it is poorly thought through is both a wry nod to the new Poirot books and also down to the fact that with The Vanishing Lord and the shenanigans over at Who Shot Tony Blair? I have effectively been writing three murder mysteries at the same time.

I will keep you posted on the progress of the next book inbetween bouts of Poirot parody and perhaps more pictures of Terry, as the little bugger has quite the taste for the limelight.

Toodle pip!


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