Boris Makes An Apology

Who Shot Tony Blair?

In the early eighties Jonah Lewie assured us that you would always find him in the kitchen at parties. Had he been at Number Ten, however, he would have kept well out of the way of the kitchen and we would have been denied an important part of musical history. Honestly, the things that go on in that kitchen.

The back door opened and through it four sinister-looking scientists in crisp white lab coats and face masks came stomping into the kitchen. They appeared purposeful and official, but their conversation didn’t sound very scientific. There were far too many four-letter words and giggles to be completely convincing.

“A brilliant plan, if I may say so, Prime Minister!”

The tallest of the scientists removed his mask, but the carefully placed fedora on his head gave him away as Wing Commander Tom. The littlest scientist removed her mask also.

“Thank you, Wing…

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