Machiavellian Machinations

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

The beginning of the new academic year is imminent and this, in itself, should be enough of a headache for any Deputy Head Porter. As it happens, this is merely the least of my worries. Our failed attempt to steal back the Lord Layton portrait from Hawkins College revealed the somewhat uncomfortable information that our own, dear Head Porter is somehow involved in the disappearance of the painting.

After a shaky start, I have become very fond of Head Porter and shunned the warnings of others about his involvement in various nefarious deeds at Old College. I reasoned that his involvement with The Vicious Circle and the events from so long ago was outside of his control, as a humble College servant simply enslaved to the will of The Fellowship. And he saved my life. And now this.

Aside from the still-missing Lord Layton, The Dean has given me another…

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