No Good Deeds

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

“We’d better not hang around ‘ere too long, if you don’t mind me saying” says Porter. He is right. It will not be too long before Hawkins College start searching for us and we are a somewhat distinctive-looking collective. Although no closer to finding the Lord Layton, we do now have a set of master keys to Hawkins College, even if I had to sacrifice my best pair of shoes in the process. I couldn’t walk in them, anyway.

“We should head back to Old College,” suggests The Dean. “We can get changed and have a bloody good drink. Not you, Porter, obviously. I meant Deputy Head Porter and my good self.” Get changed? I hadn’t thought that far ahead. Bugger.

“Obviously, Sir” replies Porter, not put out in the slightest. “I was hoping to get off soon, I, er, have somewhere to be.”

“The Detective Sergeant?” I whisper to…

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  1. I actually agonized over how to spell words spoken by various characters in my murder mystery novel set in World War Two London. The penchant for some British people to drop the ‘r’ from words did not sit well with my spell checker…

    1. Double Service… it is right there in my sidebar. With a link, when you click the picture. I did research when we were in London last summer, visiting Selfridge’s… you know, between seeing a James Bond movie scene being filmed and seeing the Queen and the Royal Family and so on… I have pictures of all of that down there too.

    2. Nice! Will check it out. I advise all my readers to click the link at once. I saw some of your pictures from London, they were great! The Queen looked really pleased to have seen you. If you ever need assistance with the British tongue, I am very British, you know. And then there’s Babbage – he can speak reasonable British.

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