1. I did see that!! BoJo is such a chancer, just got to love him. Although I am rather put out that this post is all about me in the nude, but the main comments are about Boris Johnson. Do people look at the pictures and imagine Boris? The tattoo is just a squiggle. But now I think I will declare it Boris-related.

    2. Well! I don’t know that banging on about the Foreign Secretary is particularly polite. I’m going to put naked pictures of him up next time, that’ll learn em.
      I was just kind of being nude and whatnot, you know.

    3. You are too kind! It was just a regular nude-moment, photographed by a friend. My friends are used to such things. Nudity just seems to happen, although sometimes it is planned. Especially in the summer, when being nude is much easier.

    4. It’s usually just me, to be fair, although a couple of my American friends join in when they are around. I do try to keep my nudity to times when I am alone, but sometimes the need to disrobe is overwhelming!

    5. Well quite; stupid clothes! I just feel like wandering naked to the car sometimes, less socially acceptable when a guy does it though…before it got too cold I would walk the dog barefoot through the fields; quite liberating in its own little way.

    6. Depending on how far your car is from your house, it might be okay to wander along naked. If you park a few streets away it might be tricky. Bare-foot dog walking sounds delightful! It is only a short leap from bare feet to bare bum.

    7. It’s just outside the door really, but right in front of next door’s kitchen window! It is only a short leap, I was thinking that myself! One of my neighbours does a lot of nude photography – the models are nude, not him – and has done some outside work…I must find out where he went…

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