Garden Party

Who Shot Tony Blair?

The Prime Minister had never really mastered the art of ‘nonchalant’. Even before she became Prime Minister, Lucy always possessed a self-evident air of overt obviousness. She was by and large quite boisterous, but even when she was being very quiet, you knew she was there. This was quite at odds with almost everyone else at Number Ten, who wafted about the place practically imperceptibly. Lucy didn’t like it. You had no idea you had company until it was too late.

The journey to the Botanical Gardens certainly had an air of nonchalance about it, although this was due in no small part to the presence of Wing Commander Tom, who was rather adept at such things. Which was just as well, because the last thing they needed right now was scrutiny. The gardens themselves were a dendritic delight, spanning around forty acres of flourishing landscape laying between Trumpington Road…

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