Making The Most Of Freshers’ Week

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

“No, no I told you – I won’t need to sell the house now. No, I’ve sorted it all out, I promise… cough cough

I am rather ashamed to say that I am eaves-dropping on a seemingly very private telephone conversation between Head Porter and a hitherto unknown other party. I have never known Head Porter to smoke, but at present he is trying his best with a foul-smelling cigarette, possibly to give him an excuse for lurking in this far-flung, deserted smoking shelter. His voice is strained and anxious and he is obviously very distressed at whatever this situation might be.

I am a little hurt he has not thought to confide in me. We have had our differences in the past, but I had hoped the death-defying events from last term had elevated our relationship to something special. Not that I would be much help in a financial crisis…

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  1. Professor of Chemistry … could be, maybe … devilishly handsome … oh well definitely not … the dark wouldn’t help too much either … unless into a wrinkled touch … and of course back in 2014 I didn’t know you in the the literal way I now do … so I’ll keep reading, be in your story, ever imagining?

    1. The Professor of Chemistry is not devilishly handsome, not by a long chalk, but we shall learn more about him, all in good time. Please do keep reading – always a delight to know you enjoy my words – and become part of the story 🙂

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