The Morning After The Night Before

Tuesday’s episode from Downing Street sees yet more nudity and political shenanigans…

Who Shot Tony Blair?

It was long before noon when Chancellor of the Exchequer Ian Risk and Trade Minister Simon Daley met in clandestine quarters in the garret of Number Ten. There was no possibility of returning to Ian’s residence next door, as the seat of Government was crawling with Wing Commander Tom’s agents from the Cambridge Intelligence Agency. Ian cupped a mug of coffee that had long since turned cold and peered out of the small, smutted window that overlooked the street below. A high wind threatened to tear an elderly lead drainpipe from its holdings and rattled the eaves with some vigour. Ian watched as a spiteful smattering of rain hurled itself against the window pane, the outer elements perfectly mirroring his mood.

“The Blair thing is a bit of a bugger,” Simon remarked, tracing a circle in the accumulated dust of a rickety table. “On the one hand, it’s a good…

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