The Long Arm Of The Law

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

The Dean is already making a move towards the unsuspecting Detective Chief Inspector Thompson. Envisioning the whole array of potential problems that are likely to develop if this particular engagement were to take place, I quickly grab The Dean’s arm and yank him back.

“Sir, I think it might be better if I dealt with the detective,” I suggest firmly. “I do have a little experience in this field, after all.”

Grumpily, The Dean pulls his arm from my grasp. But he no longer seems intent on marching off.

“I don’t trust these chaps you know, Deputy Head Porter,” he says, eyeing the distant detective warily. “And where do you suppose the other one is? They hunt in pairs, I understand.”

Ignoring his rather uninformed observation on police procedure, I once again take The Dean’s arm, gently this time, and start to lead him back the way we came. Distance…

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  1. LOL – “they hunt in pairs.” Have you considered an American version of this story?

    Keep writing, Lucy – we in the no-longer-good-ole’ USA will be counting on you for a bit of levity.

    As long as I can keep a roof over my head, services on and food on my table, I imagine I’ll spend the majority of my time during the next 4 years abed, escaping into fiction. Truth has suddenly become WAY too strange for my tastes!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

    1. An American PG would be fun, wouldn’t it? Of course I would have to spend a term at a US university for research purposes 😉 I am thinking that a Who Shot Donald Trump story might go down well just now! I shall up my output of fiction to help my US friends survive this difficult time. Hand in there!

    2. There would clearly be a market for a similar book here — but we aren’t eager to be left with DT’s Veep either. Perhaps you could begin with them BOTH tied back-to-back on kitchen chairs? 🙂

      Stockpile duct tape to keep him quiet. We *really* aren’t eager to read a great deal more of his rhetoric.

      HOWEVER, I wouldn’t want anyone who is currently in England to risk getting trapped here when DT walls off our borders. You’d be better off working with “operatives” already stuck on our side of the pond – lol.

      Maybe England would be willing to take us back in Book Two of “Who Shot …?” Or, hey – maybe you could lure the entire Tea Party to pay a permanent visit? (They wouldn’t be able to vote, so there would be a limit to how much nonsense they could get into on your shores.)

      On second thought, maybe “Who kidnapped …?” would give you more meat to work with — wondering why nobody rushed to locate and rescue as day turned into weeks and months.

    3. Oh I LOVE the idea of them both in the kitchen, no one bothering to search for them and perhaps being bullied a bit by King Boris and Nigel. What fun! It is very annoying that there are so many brilliant things to write and only one pair of hands. I need extra hands and a spare brain and I could get on it right away!

    4. Put it in your slow cooker as you concentrate on writing your current project. Maybe you can weave in a few plot-twists that your subconscious will be working on for you.

      MEANWHILE, as the days creep darker here, I will think of two men tied to kitchen chairs, one with his mouth covered with duct tape, only his orange face and wild eyes in view — and I will finally be able to smile again. 🙂

    5. That is a very good idea indeed. In fact, I will put on my actual slow cooker as I am in the glorious rapture of writing the next book and things like eating and sleeping are often overlooked!
      And I totally understand your satisfaction at that thought – I am not a violent person but when I put a literary bullet through Blair’s brain I did feel rather more pleased than I should have done. Keep smiling, beautiful!

    6. Yes – my own violent tendencies remain literary as well. I hope the rest of America will be able to say the same — all the way to the top.

      I wish you the best with PG2 – I am eager for its release. And it is thrilling to know that it is already sold.

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