Developments To The Kitchen Situation

Last week’s adventures from Downing Street, just in case you missed it…

Who Shot Tony Blair?

The scene in the kitchen was grim. Tony Blair had evidently been shot at close range, right through the centre of his forehead. There wasn’t an exit wound, as such, as most of the back of his head was now artfully arranged on the kitchen wall. A horrified Steve was rigid at the back door, still clutching a platter of beautifully bronzed sausages from the barbecue. Mumsie was already up to her arms in rubber gloves and detergent, tutting furiously and concentrating her efforts on the brain splatter furthest from the scene. Making an awkward attempt to comfort her was Cabinet Secretary Sir Edd Evans-Morley, concerned that she was not handling the situation too well. The triumvirate of peace-makers – Prime Minister Lucy Wastell, Boris King of Oxford and travelling duster salesman Nigel Farage – were the last to arrive, embroiled as they were in negotiations. Clearly arriving with…

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  1. They are many things … resplendent? when up against an Axminster maybe … and there’s another story if I could afford the pile … something you wouldn’t know … the Devon town I grew up up in .. grew up of course subjective! Other unknowns I’ll keep for another day. Here’s to a good next week Lucy.

    1. Ha! Well, it is a big shed. It’s converted into an 80’s style bar and I had four really fat people in there once at the same time. Also some big friends too. I think you’ll be okay.

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