Death & Sex In Downing Street – Part Two

Who Shot Tony Blair?

**This post concerns themes of an adult nature -and also politicians – therefore should not be read by anyone of a delicate disposition and especially not by my mum**

Wing Commander Tom was an imposing sight with his fedora pulled low over his face and the line of his perfect blue suit spoiled only by the hint of a gun holster across his manly chest. All he revealed of himself was the corner of a wry smile.

Sir Edd and Ian were mute with alarm.

“I said, gentlemen, that your plan is stupid and will never work.”

Wing Commander Tom was the enigmatic top chap at the Cambridge Intelligence Agency and the man responsible for single-handedly capturing Tony Blair. He was said to be the most handsome man in Cambridge, but no one could really tell you what he looked like. He had mysterious down to an art.


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