First Law Of Economics: There Are No Laws Of Economics

Who Shot Tony Blair?

At the dining table of Number Eleven Downing Street, Cambridge, the dark arts of economic praxis were being perpetrated by Chancellor Ian Risk and dubious Trade Minister, Simon Daley. Number Eleven was, in fact, a far more suitable station for the seat of Government, having been smart solicitors’ offices before the revolution. But Prime Minister Wastell had absolutely insisted on taking Number Ten, thereby leaving the Chancellor with an altogether more practical berth in which to operate.

Operations appeared to be going quite well. As Ian and Simon surveyed the scene before them, all that could be heard was the faint rustle of used bank notes and a zephyr of smug satisfaction. If you ignored the vast moral chasm that gaped imploringly before you, (and the Trade Minister certainly did) then you could say that Simon’s plan was a stroke of genius. And the University really wasn’t going to miss…

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