Catching Up

Deputy Head Porter suspects her colleague’s daughter is up to no good…

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

There is an altogether different air about Head Porter this evening. A more focused and determined nature seems to have replaced the far away look and preoccupied manner. As I watch him ordering drinks at what has now become our local, The Albatross, I wonder if it is this business with the Lord Layton that has grasped his attention.

Head Porter returns to our cramped little table by the window with a warm pint and a glass of orange juice. We are the very pinnacle of sophistication. Taking a sip of fruity goodness, I wonder how I am going to approach the subject of his daughter. In the time it takes to sip and ponder, Head Porter has already launched into his chosen subject.

“How did your night go with The Dean?” He asks. I put down my glass. What to say?

“Alright. I think” I reply. “I don’t remember…

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  1. Eventually? … what timescale are we talking my friend? Ordinarily I’d ask if I had time to forget but the thing with you and your words Lucy … completely unforgettable … and another ‘cute’ photo too.

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