Who Shot Tony Blair? Website Is Live!

Come and join us in the year 2026, where democracy is optional and world leaders are treated with the healthy disrespect they deserve…

011_0347 (1)


Obviously, it is very early days for this site and new and exciting (maybe exciting) content will be added regularly. It might take a little time to work out a posting schedule, but I shall open proceedings with weekly episodes and updates and see how we get along. Thank you to my beloved Cabinet, who have been absolute bricks, but also to the many of you who have offered ideas and support along the way – I shower a thousand kisses upon you. Well, the ones of you that look like you’ve had a wash, at least.

So, come with me to the near future where we will reunite the Kingdom, win the war against Oxford and maybe bring a certain war criminal to justice…

… That’s the plan, anyway.


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