Scotch Mist

An evening drinking with The Dean is bound to have an interesting outcome…

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

Well, The Dean has almost kept to his word. He has, indeed, provided me with my very own drinking vessel, albeit not a glass one. What he has provided instead is a red Arsenal mug in which was once an Easter egg, I suspect. Easter egg long gone, the mug now contains quite a lot of very fine malt whiskey so I am hardly in a position to complain.

My erratic host has been making unintentionally side-splitting small talk for the last half an hour while I have been replaying the grainy scene from the CCTV over and over in my head. While not the sharpest image due to the lack of light, the clip Porter found does show something very interesting indeed. It shows that in the wee small hours one night last week, a gentleman looking very much like a Hawkins College Porter entered our grounds by way…

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