Damage Limitation

When the most valuable painting in Old College goes missing, the first thing to do is make sure that The Dean doesn’t find out…

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

Whilst Porter has been dispatched to locate the potentially loose-lipped Bedder, I have the dubious pleasure of visiting Head Of Housekeeping. If there is any gossip around College regarding the Lord Layton, it would have reached her ears early doors.

Head Porter has hastily nailed together a cover story to explain the painting’s absence and it is down to me to make sure that word gets about. The most efficient method by which to achieve this is to employ the considerable skills of the Housekeeping Department, who are akin to the College equivalent of carrier pigeon. Like a tabard-wearing Puck, a Bedder can put gossip around the College in forty minutes or under. Sometimes, it even leaks beyond College walls and seeps into the gossip pools of surrounding Colleges. Inter-College gossip is highly prized indeed amongst the Housekeeping alliance of The University.

The Housekeeping offices are perfectly organised bedlam. Stacked…

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